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Your 24hr Emergency Assist Benefits

Your Club Yamaha membership has everything you need to make a switch into the fun lane. As a Club Yamaha member, you’ll enjoy fantastic benefits and so much more. All of the highlights of your membership (and there are many!) are listed here for your reading pleasure. It’s a good idea to save our Emergency Number – 0861 755 756 so you know who to turn to when you need a hand.

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Roadside Assistance – (1 Incident Per year)
You’re covered 24-hours a day should your vehicle, motorcycle, trailer (registered with the Club) end up dead on the side of the road due to a mechanical or electrical breakdown. This only covers the passenger vehicle(s), 4x4 vehicle(s) or light commercial vehicle(s) (less than 3.5 tonnes) motorcycle or trailer registered for your Club Yamaha membership. These scenarios are what we can help you out with, within the borders of South Africa.

Heads up: If you want to make use of any of the assist services below (as per the limits in the benefits table,) you’ll need to ring us on the emergency call centre number 0861 755 756.

Dead battery? Get your spark back!
We’ll arrange and pay to get you back on the road, not just once, but twice (if you get stuck again on the same day.) If you need a new battery, we’ll take care of the tow-in, (within the limits of your membership). Sorry, but you’ll have to pay for the new battery.

Got a flat tyre? We won’t let you down!
We’ll arrange and pay to have your spare tyre fitted to your vehicle if you can’t manage it yourself. If you don’t have a spare tyre, jack or need special wheel nuts, please let us know up front, and we’ll get the tow-in service right out to you (subject to the limits of your membership).

Run out of fuel? We got you!
If your fuel tank runs dry, we’ll send you 10 litres of fuel (you have to pay for the fuel though.) Please make sure we know what type of fuel you need as we can’t take the rap if you get the wrong juice.

Locked out of your ride? Help is on the way!
We will arrange and pay for a locksmith to open sesame, wherever possible (excludes all parts, components, keys or key-cutting costs, or other similar charges). If Houdini himself couldn’t get them out, due to a smart card or locked gears, you’ll have to cover the cost of a tow. If the key has broken off in the door or ignition, we can help you (within the limits of your membership). If our locksmith can’t take care of the problem and has to call in the heavyweights, you’ll need to pick up any additional costs involved.

Broken down? We’re on it.
If you’re stuck, we’ll get you to the nearest reputable workshop or approved RMI repairer. If it’s more than 100kms from your usual place of residence, we can help, but only if you arrange the tow-in through our call centre.

Car doesn’t drive? We’ll tow it.
If you were in a prang and your ride can’t be driven, and you’re not covered for this cost under a short-term insurance policy, we’ll get you a tow-in. If you do have short-term insurance cover, we’ll transfer you to your insurer for assistance. We won’t leave you to walk back while your vehicle’s getting towed, we’ll organise you a ride to where you need to go (within a 100km radius) with a taxi service. You’ll need to pay upfront and claim it back from us, so keep a receipt. Terms and conditions apply.


Medical Emergency – (Unlimited)
Our 24-hour Medical Emergency line offers you and your family (the peeps living with you) quick and reliable assistance in medical emergency situations (check the benefits table to see what medical events are covered).

Professional, qualified medical personnel will make sure you get the help you need – pronto!
– 24-hour general and emergency medical information hotline
– 24-hour emergency response to the scene of a medical emergency
– 24-hour referrals to medical practitioners and facilities
– 24-hour trauma support lines
– 24-hour medical transportation
– Compassionate visits
– Guarantee of payment

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