3000HR Club – A Tough Motor for a Tough Job!

Welcome to the 3000HR Club, a testament to the durability and reliability of Yamaha outboards. Yamaha established its reputation as the leading marine brand in the world by proving its reliability in the water, but what truly brings the Yamaha legend to life is the thousands of happy skippers and anglers who get to enjoy them. The 3000HR Club is here to celebrate this connection!

The lives of Yamaha outboards are diverse. Some spend their days tracking down fish that end up in your local supermarkets and restaurants, others power boats tasked with scientific research in our oceans. and somewhere along this spectrum, you’ll find them fuelling the everyday anglers fishing dreams of landing a prize-winning catch. The 3000HR Club pays homage to you, the skippers who choose Yamaha every time.

If your outboard has served you well for more than 3000hrs, we want to hear from you and share your story. You’ll have the chance to grab yourself an all-weather 3000hr jacket, Yamaha cap and a yearlong membership to Club Yamaha. Email us at club@clubyamaha.co.za and let us know your Yamaha outboard story.

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Subtech Group

We’d like to welcome the guys over at the Subtech Group to the 3000HR Club!

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Knysna Featherbed Ferries

Welcome to the guys over at Knysna Featherbed Ferries Company sporting over 5707 hours on their outboards and still going strong!

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Trevor Simpson.

Absolutely unbelievable mileage and usage from these two workhorses!! 

“Absolutely unbelievable mileage and usage from those two workhorses!”


“Twenty-two years later 6000 hours more or less”


“Hours on all the motors I have owned over the years certainly have been a lot, but I think more importantly the reliability from them has also made me stay a Yamaha Diehard.”


Trevor Simpson Writes.

It all started way back in school days when I was around 16 years old. I kept on nagging my Dad to see if we could somehow buy a boat, not a new one as in those days it was far too expensive for him.

We found a chap who had built a Mono Hull Hartley Voyager 21 footer and had not quiet completed it yet or the trailer for that matter. I remember clearly that it was on a trailer somewhere down in Wetton and his surname was Poole ! We went to see it and I kept on nagging my Dad to buy it and eventually he gave in and did so.

We finished off the odds and end that needed to be done and in our ignorance bought a pair of 80Hp Mariner two strokes from the Rosemead Avenue Mariner Dealer, this is where I first met Jeff Hawkins as he was working there at the time, and we placed them on the back. Round strap around cowling, grey with a broad red strip if my memory serves. (Picture attached, but not of our motor) We fished the Hartley for around four years but it was not a great sea boat and because it was mostly all cabins and used to thump a lot with not much back fishing area it became quite a challenge. So we decided to sell our Hartley.

I was continuously looking in magazines trying to find information on new boats that were coming out and a chap who came to look at the Hartley and almost ended up buying it, but at the last minute decided not too and ordered I think the second Kei Marine 24 footers from Paddy Heart in East London. The first one out the mould in those days was bought by Lloyd Lewis called Illusive. Peter Gilson who had come to look at our Hartley was the chap who ordered the second one whom he named Tigger after Wiinni the Poo.

I finally convinced Dad to buy the third one and eventually he did. It came down on one of those Ro Ro boats (Roll on / Roll off) as they were called, and we collected it from CT Docks a few months later. Aptly named her FORTUNA which is still my Magnum’s boat’s name today ! AGIAN, in our ignorance we took the Mariners from the Hartley and placed them on the back of the Kei ! What a mistake. Our first madden voyage out of Hout Bay just under the top viewing area of Chapman’s Peak going into a left hand turn the port motor popped off! We had not bolted them on as we wanted to see if there was any cavitation and adjust them accordingly. Luckily I had put a rope through the handle grips that those Mariners had and because we had around seven people on board we managed to haul the motor back onto the transom. Very lucky indeed!

With much misery and sad faces we limped back to the harbour placed the Kei on the trailer and went home. I flushed the motors and we advertised them the next day. This is where it is a little Foggy, I cannot remember if we sold them out of hand or traded them in, I do however think we traded, as we then bought our first pair of Yammy 115Hp two strokes from Berg & Co based in Cape Town at that stage owned by Ivan Klerk. Nic De Kock also worked there in those days. And that is how my journey with Yamaha began. (Year / 1978)

We fitted the 115Hp’s at a hefty price of R 3000.00 each!! Twenty two years later 6000 hours more or less, is the service I got out of them. I wish I could give you a pic of the hour meters but digital cameras were not around and footage in those days was not that important. Starboard motor I never opened, and the only problems I ever encountered were the odd carb fuel blockage and the starter motor magnets on the inside had to be replaced. The Port motor in its eighteenth year developed a bottom water seal leak and I had to replace a few crank bearings and then off we went. Two years later it developed the same problem and I had a chap Paul Van Der Westhuizen who was working for Wilbur Ellis at the time redo the motor for me. And once again off we went. Then one day a good friend of mine Joelle Row and myself during the week were out in the Tuna grounds and on our way home after a great day’s fishing just outside of Slangkop light the Port motor told me it had, had enough. The top left water jacket blew and we came home on the Starboard motor.

Absolutely unbelievable mileage and usage from those two workhorses!! (Year / 2000) I shopped around and bought a BRAND new pair from Bradley at Z. Craft in Montague Gardens, he took the two old Faithfull’s in with the Starboard still running and the Port as a few spares. I still got back around R 3000.00 for the running motor!! A year and a half later after only 160.00 hours, consisting of around twenty Tuna trips a friend of mine Gavin Crouse whom worked for Furuno, now radio Holland asked me if I would be prepared to sell my Rig to a Newbie wanting to start off Tuna fishing. After lots of turmoi,l I decided to let her go and Anthony De Santos of Suburban Spares in Ottery bought my Kei.

Now the dilemma was, do I to stop fishing or maybe continue. I decided I was too young and the ball started rolling all over again. November 2002 I took delivery of my new boat. Mark Delaney of Two Oceans built me a 25 foot Magnum, and what did I put on the back again? ANOTHER set of Yammy 115 Hp (ENDURO’S) Third time STILL lucky. I did not have one fuel blockage on those motors and plus minus 500 to 800 hours of usage, unfortunately no hour gauges came with the ENDURO model’s so I kept a manual log instead. (Jan 2016) Thirteen years later with not one problem I traded them in with Magson Marine in Somerset West for a set of new 130Hp four strokes, and the journey continues. Hours on the new 130’s are still nice and low and they have made the world of difference in fuel usage and interestingly performance regarding speed. Fuel usage on my average Tuna trip out of Hout Bay has come down from around 280 / 300 litres to 190 / 200! On the average 40 mile round trip.

On my small 17 foot Cape Craft I had a set of Yammy 40Hp two strokes for 10 years which I bought from Dudley Hardman at Anchor Boat. These I traded in with Magson’s in 2015 for a set of Yammy 50Hp four strokes, which are still shiny and new. The serial numbers of my first two sets of 115Hp’s I would imagine you can always look up,  if you need the numbers of my last set that were on my Magnum, or my 40Hp two strokes you can obtain them from Magson’s.  Speak to Grant Peddie.

Hours on all my motors I have owned over the years certainly have been a lot, but I think more importantly the reliability from them has also made me stay a Yamaha Diehard.

Not that this is outboard related but I have a 1200cc Yamaha Tenere, which I enjoy very much indeed!

A good journey all in all.

Regards, Trevor


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