While the exact details of which WaveRunners Yamaha Marine Southern Africa will be bringing us is still under wraps, it doesn’t hurt to speculate a little. 2019 looks fantastic so far; expect exciting new model additions, existing model upgrades, and new colour and styling options headlined by the all-new redesign of Yamaha’s flagship luxury-performance and feature-packed FX Series WaveRunners, which have built an enviable reputation in the racing, long-distance touring and fishing scenes.




In addition to the FX Series, the 2019 WaveRunner line-up sees Yamaha expand their championship winning race line-up with the exciting edition of the all-new EXR ‘pocket rocket’ race ready model. Based on Yamaha’s Rec-Lite EX series WaveRunners, the EXR combines the ultra light-weight and race proven NanoXcel2 hull and deck with the more powerful one-litre TR-1 High Output engine, to deliver a very affordable racing package. With its racy looks, compact size and power pack performance, the EXR will ensure Yamaha continues to dominate the Rec-Lite Stock Classes.



Other significant changes to Yamaha’s race ready line-up are performance upgrades to the multiple Australian Championship winning GP1800 and VXR race ready models. Both skis receive new top loader intake grates and race designed ride plates, dramatically improving their performance for sharper and more predictable handling and better hook up in rough water and cornering. The VXR also steps up to the ultra light-weight NonoXcel2 hull and deck for improved acceleration and overall power-to-weight performance.



Finally, Yamaha’s number one selling VX Series range of WaveRunners sees the introduction of two new model variants. The VX Cruiser which comes with Yamaha’s luxury cruiser seat and the VX Cruiser HO, which comes with the cruiser seat and much larger 1.8 High Output marine engine and high-pressure jet pump for increased power and performance.

Yamaha Marine Southern Africa will be releasing more information in late 2018.

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