From day one Monterey Boats has focused their boat building on quality, design and overall ease of maintenance, and has continued to stand firm in that commitment today. From the very first hull built to every boat built today, the owners, engineers and staff at Monterey Boats continue to believe that the Monterey name stands for more than boat manufacturing- they believe it’s a family and a way of life.



For more than 30 years, Monterey has proven to be a true frontrunner in the industry, continually raising the bar for class and style year after year. Monterey Boats lead the pack in all aspects: design, development, engineering, and building superior boats for the conscientious marine consumer.



Monterey Boats are available at selected Yamaha Marine dealers. Look out for the M205 / M45 and M65 models.

Find your nearest Yamaha Marine dealer here and contact them to find out more. 

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