To celebrate South Africa’s National Women’s Day, we thought we’d introduce you to Maria Namutenya Lishuna.  One of our trained female technicians working for Dune Marine Services CC.  Our new marine products agency in Walvis Bay, Namibia.


Q: What made you want to become a mechanic?

When I was younger, my brother was always building and fixing wire cars (Draadkarre).  I would hang around him and learn.  Eventually, I started building my own bigger and better versions.  This inspired me to get into mechanical engineering.

Q: What was your first job?

In 2013, just after I turned 21, I enrolled in a mechanics course at the Mapec Training Institute in Oshakati.  When I completed this, Flossie Janse van Rensburg took me on as an apprentice and helped me to get hands-on experience.  He used to get frustrated with me as I was always asking him questions.



Q:  What other skills and qualifications do you have?

In 2015, I went to Yamaha’s Cape Town office and completed the Diagnostic 2.2, Signal Tester and DBW Test Harness course.  After that, I was constantly working on Yamaha outboards and other equipment.  However, although I was getting good practical experience, I wanted more qualifications to ensure that people would take me seriously, particularly as I’m a female mechanic.  So, I enrolled at Shikalepo Mechanical Training Centre in Windhoek and studied for a Level 3 National Training Certificate in mechanical engineering.  I sat the examination with the Namibian Training Institute at the Otjiwarongo Vocational Training Centre in 2017.  Luckily Dune Marine Services CC started trading in May ’18 and Flossie gave me my old job back.



Q: What are your future plans?

I hope to do more Yamaha training courses soon so that I can experience and learn as much about the industry as I can.  I’d also love to complete my Level 6 Diploma in mechanical engineering.  I’m hoping that Dune Marine Services will help me to do this via a distance learning course.


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