The 2016 Yamaha SuperJet WaveRunner maintains its pedigree and continues to tear up waterways around the world with pure speed and aggression!

The all-time favourite watercraft for freestyle, closed-course and free riding continues to lead the industry when it comes to stand-up riding! The model has come a long way from a 50-horsepower single carb in the 90’s. It’s now a fully-fledged speedster, packing in 701cc from its dual carburetted two-stroke Yamaha marine engine.



The water-cooled system also roars out 73 horses, so there is always power on tap! Loop-charged Combustion distributes the fuel/air mixture more evenly, for better combustion, performance and fuel economy. Thanks to the 144mm Hyper-Flow jet pump propulsion system, you can expect excellent hook-up and smooth acceleration.

Stand up riding is pure fun and allows for sharp turns at high speed. It’s also an extreme workout so expect to be bushed while learning the ropes. The SuperJet relies on the pilot’s movements like leaning and shifting body weight to get the most fun out of them and also to win races. Its deep-strake hull with moulded in sponsons is perfectly balanced for ultra-tight cornering and greater stability. It also comes with a HydroTurf-covered tray and raised kick tail for increased leverage and the spring assisted steering pole and handlebars have been specially designed to provide a riding position that gets results during racing!



Technical Specs:

Engine Type: 2-Cylinder, 2-Stroke Displacement: 701cc
Bore x Stroke: 81mm x 68mm Fuel capacity: 18 Litre
Fuel: Unleaded Gasoline Length: 2,24 metres


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