The F350C is the only outboard to come with a five-year limited warranty in its horsepower class.

With this increased level of confidence, Yamaha invites you to take control of the open ocean like never before. The marine-tough F350C has redefined offshore power and control for large ocean-going vessels thanks to its purpose-built 5.3 litre 350-horsepower V8 capabilities. With a dry weight of just under 350kg, the F350C’s V8 configuration is designed to produce 350 prop shaft horsepower with ease.



There is also less stress and strain on internal engine components even though it produces over 5330cc of displacement. It provides 45% more thrust than 250hp-class outboards and the 32 valve, Variable Camshaft Timing system advances and retards the angle of intake camshaft to increase valve lift, duration, and overlap in the low and mid rpm ranges. This gives the engine substantially greater torque between 2000 – 3500 RPM to plane large offshore boats with authority.



In order to sufficiently provide the power and torque of the Yamaha F350C, Yamaha has specially designed the Saltwater Series XL propellers; they come with 21% more blade surface for even more power and control. The F350C also comes with an exclusive In-Bank exhaust, which means it exits through the centre of the engine between the V of the cylinders, rather than on the exterior side, to allow for a more compact shape.



The F350C also comes standard with a fuel-efficient design. It burns only 31.7 gals/hr at 6000rpm, coming in handy on long hauls. It is also compatible with the Helm Master application, which comes as a fully integrated boat control system allowing for easier manoeuvrability when docking.

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