The 636 Sports Cabin has the sporty good looks and practical features of a craft designed primarily as a fishing vessel, and that shines through as we took it around Durban’s harbour mouth. As the name suggests, the boat is just 6.36m long and weighs in at 1600kg, which puts it in the mid-range category where launching and landing is relatively more natural than the bigger offshore boats on the market. Inside the 636 the general layout is spacious and practical. There’s plenty of room to fit your whole fishing team for a day on the water. There is a platform between the motors with a fold out ladder, which makes embarking easy, even when the boat is on a trailer.

This 636 also has a full wet deck with channels around the hatches and deck outskirts to ensure that no water is left on the deck after a crazy day out at sea. The hardtop is excellent if the weather isn’t playing ball, you’ll be able to stay dry until it passes. The sizeable protective perspex windscreen gives the skipper a full view of what’s ahead. There are also stainless steel keel strips, roll bars, a bow rail and grab handles.

The 636 thrives when it’s doing what it’s meant to be doing – Fishing! There are below deck fish hatches, anchor hatch and bow rollers and live bait wells with transparent windows. The 636 is an angler’s boat, so rest assured it’s fitted with the essentials such as rod holders, storage in the gunnels, trolling boards and more. All of this comes standard on a break-back galvanised trailer.




For this shoot day, we used a pair of the Yamaha F130’s. It fills the gap between the F115 and F150’s. It’s not just a revamped 115; it’s got new componentry surrounded by new Yamaha gauges and propellers as well as new control boxes, which complement the engine and give it a unique feel. Go further for less because of the F130’s proven fuel efficiency in comparison with the 115. If you’re looking for a fuel injected, four cylinders, 1.8L Yamaha outboard for the 5-6m range or a pair for the 6-7m range you can’t go wrong with Yamaha’s F130 Outboard.


SEACAT boats need little to no introduction these days, as they’ve become such a consistent hit with anglers and the boating community within South Africa. The SEACAT boating company have put in the hard work over the years learning from their customers and using that first-hand knowledge to craft boats that perform exceptionally well.

The SEACAT 636 Sports Cabin is a dreamboat for any offshore angler. They cater well to just about anyone with a rod, reel and a dream of getting into some deep-water fishing action.


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