Yamahaʼs Jet Boat 242X E-Series is the first high-performance boat Yamaha has made exclusively for the wake-sports segment. It took four long years of research and development by Yamaha engineers and the best wakeboarders in the world to design the series, and what theyʼve created is arguably some of the best to have ever hit the water for towing, wakeboarding and wakeskating.

This high-performance wake boat is powered by twin jet-propelled 1.8L high output Yamaha marine engines, and for a 24-foot boat, itʼs more spacious than any other in its class easily.

Throttle by wire technology ensures smooth acceleration and excellent tracking by automatically synchronising engine rpm levels. The forward swept, tower design gives riders a competitive edge, while the high bowlines create a spacious and comfortable seating area for hosting up to 12 passengers on the water.



Finishes on the craft are top-notch, enjoy stainless steel handrails, cup holders and premium marine vinyl seating, which opens to convenient under seat storage. Dual captainʼs chairs can be found in the cockpit as well as the ultra-wide integrated aluminium Bimini frame topped with a solar trickle charger system that extends battery life. Drivers control both engines with a single lever and can add up to 600kg of added weight with Yamahaʼs custom triple ballast system that lets you dial in the perfect wake in just minutes.

The port side chair reclines with self-levelling armrests and a 180-degree view of the action in the water. An entertainment console is found in front of the port- chair. It holds three separate storage compartments, a premium sound system, lockable glove box and netting, folds down host table and beverage centre for drinks and food for a day on the water. Get the feel of steering a top end sports car thanks to the Gussi Italia steering wheel, graphite-textured panel, tachometers and LCD displays.

Exclusive to the 242X E-Series is premium colour-matched marine vinyl, carbon fibre-textured inserts, an oversized billet aluminium rear view mirror, and Yamahaʼs award-winning stern lounge, where slip resistant SeaDek Mats provide excellent traction.




Yamahaʼs award-winning “Connext”

A helm control system like youʼve never experienced, explicitly designed for watersports enthusiasts! It features Yamahaʼs Drive Control, which makes towing and being towed easier than ever. With Drive Control, the driver can hold particular GPS-Monitored speed and rider specific profiles that save riders preferences while on the boat for a consistent pull every time. The “Connext” system also offers key information such as water depth, fuel readings, RPM, maximum speed attained, Kmʼs per litre, average speed, odometer and engine temperature. “Connext” also houses control for the radio and stereo controls.

Yamahaʼs Advanced Responsive Handling

Features the Articulating Keel
The Articulating Keel is the latest advancement by Yamaha that enhances the unique handling characteristics of jet boats. It is a simple, yet genius mechanism that acts as an extension of the keel of the vessel. It has a trailing component that moves and tracks through the water in perfect relation to the jet pump nozzles, so steering response is immediate. This innovation keeps the boatʼs rear end from sliding out when towing someone and allows it to track better and manoeuvre more easily at docking speeds. High-speed cornering is now considerably more stable for passengers. Yamahaʼs Advanced Responsive Handling also includes No Wake Mode and Thrust Directional Enhancer.

Yamaha Quiet Control

Specifically, eliminates engine sound and vibration through a platform-based system of sound dampening. The system controls the amount of noise, which enters the cabin so you can enjoy conversations with fellow passengers no matter how fast youʼre going!

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