The Yamaha FX Cruiser High Output (HO) WaveRunner is both thrill and luxury wrapped up in a neat, high powered package. It’s the top choice for those who want reliable, 1.8-litre High Output Yamaha Marine engine performance plus all the features and amenities usually found on more expensive watercraft.
The 180-horsepower normally-aspirated DOHC four-cylinder 4-stroke allows enough growl to push the 376kg (dry weight), nearly 3,6-metre WaveRunner to & top speed of almost 100-km per hour.

The FX Cruiser is an all-time best-selling PWC in the entire industry and comes standard with more features than any other PWC in its class. What has been created can only be described as nimble and quick but this is balanced out by the control one feels when manoeuvring which is wholly luxurious. The FX Cruiser seats three comfortably, and its positioning feels natural, leaving the driver not too close to the handlebars. The seats have the perfect amount of cushioning and doesn’t have any overly jarring engine, or drivetrain vibration.



The Yamaha FX Cruiser HO WaveRunner comes ready with multiple storage capabilities. First is the in-dash watertight storage cubby (perfect for mobile phones, keys and wallets), “wet storage” on the swim step is ideal for ropes, wet slops or other items that will air out making sure they don’t get mouldy while on the water. Riders can access the bow storage through a single latch on the hood, opening to a huge bin.

Another standard feature of the Yamaha FX Cruiser HO WaveRunner is Yamahaʼs latest “Dual Throttle Technology” called RiDE. It deploys the reverse bucket in & continuous motion, overriding the throttle progressively. Itʼs left everyone involved in the jet-ski industry in a collective state of awe and set the benchmark for end-user driving into the stratosphere. Docking in close quarters is now profoundly freeing, and with very little practice youʼll have no problem putting the ski exactly where it needs to be. The intuitive system is a great safety feature too because it adjusts the deceleration and reversing so that the PWC stops efficiently.



Then there is the No Wake mode. By just pressing and holding the No Wake button, the Yamaha FX Cruiser HO WaveRunner sets a cruising speed of 5mph, saving you the hassle of fines in the no wake zone. Thereʼs also the NanoXcel technology, which makes the ski lighter than ever before, yet stronger than ever and gets the Yamaha FX Cruiser HO WaveRunner into the perfect power to weight ratio. Dual mirrors come in handy during tow sports and are moulded right into the visor, offering sleek design.

To see more about the Yamaha FX Cruiser HO WaveRunner go here. 

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