Yamaha’s WaveRunner pedigree runs deep. All the way from the top of the line luxury FX SVHO, to the Rec-Lite EX Series, Yamaha’s proven reliability shines through. The EX Series is a relatively new addition to the WaveRunner family, launching at the start of 2017, yet its reputation as a revolutionary Rec-Lite WaveRunner experience is already ubiquitous.

For this series of three separate and unique models (EX, EX Sport and EX Deluxe), Yamaha has focused on price and value while not backing down an inch regarding Yamahaʼs known reliability and dependability accumulated over 50 years of marine heritage. All the EX units are designed to be able to hold as many as three passengers making it the best choice for family fun.



The EX Deluxe is for people who want maximum reliability and sheer on-water fun. The EX Series has been designed with all the technical innovation and no-frills approach that delivers unheard of affordability. So this Deluxe model, at the top of our EX-line-up, is indeed a feature and value-packed WaveRunner.

This agile machine that’s both versatile and easy to handle comes with the award-winning, lightweight 3-cylinder TR-1 engine, which puts out up to 1049cc brings a responsive and fun ride that also maximises fuel economy.



Another standard feature of the EX Deluxe is Yamahaʼs “Dual Throttle Technology” called RiDE. It deploys the reverse bucket in a continuous motion, overriding the throttle progressively. Itʼs left everyone involved in the jet-ski industry in a collective state of awe and set the benchmark for end-user driving into the stratosphere. Docking in close quarters is now profoundly freeing, and with very little practice youʼll have no problem putting the ski exactly where it needs to be. The intuitive system is a great safety feature too because it adjusts the deceleration and reversing so that the PWC stops efficiently.



The EX Deluxe also comes with clear and informative multi-function LED meters, speedo and tacho, fuel level, hours run,
stylish colours and attractive modern graphics,
glove box, under-seat storage and a large 50L fuel capacity – so that the fun lasts longer on the water!

The convenient and comfortable re-boarding step is designed to make it easier to reboard after a swim or splash and can be tucked away when not in use. Then there are the lightweight, slip-resistant Hydro-Turf® mats that provide superior traction on the extended swim platform and footwells. Also high on the list of its many advantages is the strong tow hook for toys, skiing or wakeboarding.



To learn more about the EX Deluxe WaveRunner go here.


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