The PWC industry moves at a furious pace, and Yamaha’s WaveRunners have been leading the pack since the mid-nineteen-eighties. It’s not surprising then that the most popular of the WaveRunner range, the VX series’ 2016 reincarnation has been turning heads the world over. The VX series is the all-time best-selling PWC in the entire industry and comes standard with more features than any other PWC in its class. The VX Deluxe 1050 is the flagship model of the VX series and sets the tone of what you can expect from Yamaha WaveRunners in 2016.

The VX Deluxe 1050 comes standard with a family-friendly package that thrills on the water, making for a playful, agile and fun ride. It’s also extremely fuel efficient and easy on the pocket, which ticks all the boxes. It’s not your average entry-level model, although it handles with such ease that first-time buyers would be more than happy. The new TR-1 Yamaha Marine Engine is this model’s earmark. The TR-1 is more powerful, lighter and smaller than the previous MR-1 engine. The new TR-1 design shaves 25% off the weight of the previous model, contributing to its nimble nature on the water. The TR-1 has 3-cylinders, 4-valves and comes in at a displacement of 1049cc. Even with its 40% reduction in engine size compared to the MR-1, the TR-1 is still able to transport up to three people on its Yamaha innovated, three-level contoured seats, while towing another. This is possible thanks to the tow ring just under the rear seat.



Another standard feature of the VX Deluxe 1050 is Yamaha’s latest “Dual Throttle Technology” called RiDE. It deploys the reverse bucket in a continuous motion, overriding the throttle progressively. It’s left everyone involved in the jet-ski industry in a collective state of awe and set the benchmark for end-user driving into the stratosphere. Docking in close quarters is now profoundly freeing, and with very little practice you’ll have no problem putting the ski exactly where it needs to be. The intuitive system is a great safety feature too because it adjusts the deceleration and reversing so that the PWC stops efficiently.

Then there is the No Wake mode. By just pressing and holding the No Wake button, the VX Deluxe sets a cruising speed of 5mph, saving you the hassle of fines in the no wake zone. There’s also the NanoXcel 2 technology, which makes the ski lighter than ever before, yet stronger than ever and gets the VX Deluxe into the perfect power to weight ratio. The spring-loaded re-boarding step flips down and offers a waterproof, non-skid matting, which gives the user more grip and less chance of slipping accidents. Dual mirrors come in handy during tow sports and are moulded right into the visor, offering a sleek design.



The VX Deluxe also comes standard with a forward storage compartment, which flips forward to reveal a compact space that is large enough to keep towels, sunglasses and sunscreen. Other essentials can be placed in the under-seat, removable, waterproof storage compartment. Check out the latest VX range and find your nearest dealer over HERE!



• 1-3 Person rider capacity
• Length 131.9.”
• Width 48.0.”
• Height 46.9.”
• Dry Weight 664lbs
• Engine 3-cylinder, 4-stroke Yamaha TR-1 Marine engine
• Displacement 1049cc


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