The SEACAT 636 is a proven offshore fishing ace. They’ve been a hit with anglers from all over the country and helped spark many offshore fishing adventures. The new Forward Console model is even better looking than before, handles like a dream, and is packed with features that make driving and fishing aboard it feel limitless while still being affordable.

The first thing you realise as you board the 6,36-metre vessel is just how spacious it is. The general design is practical, but that doesn’t mean that the quality of the finishes is anything less than you’d expect. It’s a stable vessel, built well, and with the fisherman in mind. Weighing in shy of 2 tonnes, the SEACAT 636 makes easy work of chopped up seas, which makes for a smooth ride out to your favourite fishing haunt.



There is a platform between the motors with a fold out ladder that makes embarking easy, even when the boat is on a trailer. This 636 also has a full wet deck with channels around the hatches and deck outskirts to ensure that no water is left on the deck after a crazy day out at sea. The adjustable roof is excellent if the weather isn’t playing ball, you’ll be able to stay dry until it passes. The impressive protective perspex windscreen gives the skipper a full view of what’s ahead. There are also stainless steel keel strips, roll bars, a bow rail and grab handles.

The SEACAT 636 Forward Console is an angler’s boat. It thrives when it’s out there putting in hard work. You can rest assured that this boat will only enhance your love of the sea and fishing.

There are below deck fish hatches, anchor hatch, bow roller, live bait wells with transparent windows, rod holders, storage in the gunnels, and it’s foam filled to SAMSA standards. All this comes standard on a break back galvanised trailer.



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