Quintrexs’ aluminium boats are built to last a lifetime. Established in 1945, Quintrex is Australia’s largest aluminium boat manufacturer producing over seventy models, ranging in size between 2.45m – 6.7m and make more than 12,000 vessels a year.

Their boats are often passed down from family member to family member and hold their value better than any other brand. You’ll be lucky to find a second-hand model. Luckily, Yamaha South Africa has managed to secure some of their latest models to share with our customers.


350 DART

The 350 Dart is the perfect starter set up for your kids. This little Dart has a maximum horsepower rating of 15hp, so if you get an outboard like the 9,9hp portable, they’ll be able to cruise the waters without a skipper’s license. Rated to carry four people with a glove box and drink holder, this is one of Quintrexs’ best selling models. The 350 Dart is perfect for teaching your kids the skills needed to be comfortable on a boat while getting some great fishing action in.


• Alloy Cleat On Front Deck
• Covers: Bimini & Envelope
• Rod Holders (2)
• Vinyl Wrap


440 Hornet

With a smooth ride, the 440 Hornet is known as one of the most comfortable boats in the Quintrex range. It comes standard with a carpeted floor, front casting platform, v-flared hull and glove box with drink holders. It stands at 5,65m on a trailer and has a maximum horsepower rating of 50hp.


• Bimini & Envelope
• Rod Holders (2)
• Upgrade to Live Bait Tank in Rear Casting Platform
• Underfloor Fuel Tank 65 Litres



420 DORY

The 420 Dory is the best selling model in Australia, and it’s not hard to see why. This model is packed with features and is also very affordable. The 420 tinnie comes standard on the Millennium hull with 1.35mm bottom and topsides, 1.87m beam and a maximum horsepower rating of 40hp. The 420 can host up to five people and sits on a trailer at 1.6 metres high.


• Angler Pro Seat Quintrex
• Full Carpeted Between Seats
• Covers: Bimini & Envelope
• Nav Lights & Switch

To check out the latest Quintrex models and find your nearest dealer go HERE!


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