The In-Line four 200-hp Yamaha outboard is the lightest DOHC outboard in its class, and it’s also the perfect lightweight 200-hp solution for small- to medium-size boats. Plus, itʼs the first in-line four compatible with Helm Master®, our fully integrated digital boat control system.

If you’re looking to replace larger and heavier V-6 outboards on an older boat, the F200 is an excellent choice because of its in-line four-cylinder powerhead and 2.8-liter displacement, and the fact that at only 220kg, there will be less weight and bulk on the transom.



The F200 has excellent power to weight ratio, holding the first place amongst its competitors in the four-stroke 200 horsepower category. The 16-valve dual overhead camshaft (DOHC) powerhead responds well, and just like its Yamaha V6 Offshore siblings, the four-cylinder F200 comes with Yamahaʼs Variable Camshaft Timing System (VCT), which helps ensure fast acceleration and strong midrange punch. Available with either digital electronic or mechanical controls.

Similar to the revolutionary 4.2L V6 outboards, the new F200 is unbelievably smooth and quiet, due to the newly developed counter balance shafts for vibration-free, quiet boating. Both models have been engineered to operate the newly-redesigned Reliance Shift Dampener System (SDS) Propeller for smooth shift and vibration-free operation.



With practicality in mind, the F200 features a newly designed 50-amp alternator which offers a 13% increase in charging power during idle, and the famous Variable Trolling Switch (VTS) system; allowing fishermen the opportunity to get the most out of their adventures.

The new F200 plays host to a wide range of industry-leading options developed by Yamaha including; the Y-COP (Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection) anti-theft system and engine tilt-limiter. With these innovative features in mind, the F200 inline-four family sits firmly alongside Yamahaʼs top-of-the-range V6 (4.2L) and V8 offshore outboards.

To find out more about the Yamaha F200 Outboard contact your nearest Yamaha Marine dealer, which you can find here.


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