The Seacat comes in many forms. All take to the ocean straight away and offer endless hours of fun fishing action for their owners. The Seacat 565 FC is no exception. Especially when it has two 70hp Yamaha Outboards on the back of it guiding it forward with expert technology and reliability.

The Seacat 565 is not your average 18ft craft. First off, it’s bigger than it looks in person. But it still has exceptional fuel economy. The forward console gives extra cover from the wind and spray.



The 565 has a great turning circle. It’s made with the deep sea angler in mind. Providing an open space while still having the necessary functions needed. It’s fitted with stainless-steel hand-rails, dual roll-bars, sizeable live bait well, and built-in battery compartments. The deck on the 565 FC comes standard with a non-slip finish and has double flush-mount fish hatches, a large, raised petrol box, and high gunnels. There is plenty of space up front in the forward console area for storage, sun protection, and places to store your rods.

The 565 FC has excellent handling. The patient angler could spend long hours at sea and return relaxed.




Length – 5.65m
Beam – 2.3m
Min hp — 2 x 60hp
Max hp — 2 x 100hp
Buoyancy — foam-filled
Power as tested — 2 x 70hp 2-strokes



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