It has finally arrived! The outboard that’s been making literal waves across the world. The all-new F130A is the lightest in its class, a class that it dominates into submission every time it gets onto the water.

The F130 is history in the making, so sit back and relax knowing that the cleanest, smoothest engines in the whole universe power your boat. Yamaha’s research and testing are second to none, so there’s no doubt that the F130 is a proven warrior. The F130A lies between the F115 and F150 outboards as the ideal motor for boats in the 5-6 metre range. Technologically speaking, the F130A is a cut above the rest, making use of the latest in Yamaha engineering breakthroughs. As Kelvin Smith from says ‘The Yamaha F130A outboard is refined, hot looking and packs a punch in the midrange.’ We’re not going to argue with that!

Weighing in at just 172kg, the F130A is composed of lightweight materials that run through the trim and lift unit, engine and cowl. The F130A achieves the unmatched power to weight ratio, a clean and smooth twin-camshaft, 16-valve, 1832cc displacement, inline 4-cylinder, superb fuel economy and reliability by way of its cutting-edge design. It’s a high horsepower setup within a mid-range segment, which changes the game completely!

The outboard comes in both 4-stroke and 2-stroke capabilities. Not just gifted powerfully, the outboard boasts technical features that make the skipper’s life easier, such as the Wide Range Power Trim and Lift with Tilt Angle Limiter and compatibility with Yamaha’s digital network gauge system.

To check out more about the F130 and find your nearest dealer go HERE!


•    5mm offset crankshaft – encourages efficient transfer
•    Single Electronic Throttle Valve – heightens throttle response and control
•    35 amp alternator, produces 28 amps at 1000rpm
•    Variable Trolling Speed via Command Link Gauges
•    TALON Series propeller – damps noise and vibration


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